Tyler Gaeth

Tyler Gaeth-Associate
Tyler Gaeth is an associate and joined Booth Hansen in 2022. Tyler brings a strong background in housing and mixed-use project design. From concept to execution, he employs big picture thinking while paying close attention to the details and craftsmanship of each project. Tyler is passionate about how architecture interacts with a multitude of systems, including codes and regulations, the surrounding community, and the environment. Recently, Tyler was published in Places Journal where he explored the history of U.S. building codes and their impact beyond public safety. His other research interests relate to the lifecycle of building materials and how architects can implement sustainable practices to reduce the negative impacts of construction on the environment. Whether it’s coming up with sustainable solutions to complex community problems, connecting people to nature, or supporting healthy habits, Tyler’s curiosity and thoroughness allow him to produce projects that exceed his client’s expectations.

Tyler earned his Master of Architecture from University of Michigan and Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Minnesota.


Master of Architecture, University of Michigan

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Minnesota

Professional Affiliations

LEED Green Associate

Multi-Family Residential

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