Westmoor Road Residence

Type: Single-Family Residential
Location: Winnetka, IL
Year: 2011
Size: 13,500 sf


Westmoor Road Residence

The Westmoor Road Residence is a stucco-and-zinc home designed around an informal courtyard, focusing on a two story glass stair enclosure.  From the entry, the grand vaulted living room features a linear skylight, see-through fireplace, wood ceiling, and doors opening to the courtyard.  A chef’s kitchen opens to an elegant dining room, while two studios maintain views to the exterior and provide comfortable working space. The master suite and guest bedrooms are located on the second floor, at the top of the gently curving floating staircase, taking advantage of the views of the elegantly landscaped property.

The Westmoor Road Residence provides this couple and their family with a living space as comfortable for formal parties as it is for informal family gatherings.

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