Palm Springs Townhomes

Type: Multi-Family Residential
Location: Palm Springs, CA
Year: 2021
Size: 21,000 sf (16 units)


Palm Springs Townhomes

Palm Springs Townhomes provide market rate affordability in the heart of Palm Desert. Utilizing the efficient townhouse typology, the buildings feature two level units with a connecting stair, organized into three simple forms. These elements create a shared community courtyard sheltering a swimming pool and outdoor social spaces.

The Palm Springs Townhomes development captures the essence of the surrounding area’s architecture while pursuing conscious efforts in sustainable design. The buildings feature materials typical of the region – white stucco gives the buildings a clean, simple aesthetic and it is elegantly accented with steel elements. Glazing is kept to a minimum to reduce solar gain while preserving views of the mountains to the west. A canopy of trees lines the entry drive, and creates shade. The front entries feature trellises to provide privacy and shading, while second floor windows include fabricated metal surrounds with Juliette balconies.


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