Kelmscott Park

Type: Multi-Family Residential
Location: Lake Forest, IL
Year: 2017
Size: 10.5 acres; 110 apartments, 42 condos, 12 single-family homes


Kelmscott Park

Kelmscott Park development started in 2007, when the City of Lake Forest held community meetings to address an industrial site north of the downtown area. In 2013, after the housing market regained stability, the City hosted a competition that was won by Focus Development and Booth Hansen.

The new residences, composed of 110 luxury apartments, 42 condominiums, and 12 single–family homes, contribute positively to the neighborhood at multiple scales. At ground level, the site offers green space available to the larger community. The existing Franklin Park and Heritage Tree, a 260-year-old oak on site, are integrated into the development. The diversity of dwelling sizes offers new options in Lake Forest, attracting a larger range of residents and expanding the local economic base. The site is walking distance from Central Business District and the Metra, placing residents in proximity to a number of amenities, including shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and the Lake Forest Library.

The Kelmscott Park building designs draw on the English Arts and Crafts movement and are influenced by the work of Howard Van Doren Shaw and Edwin Lutyens. The apartment and condominium buildings are brick and stone, organized around the central green space and embraced by the overall landscape. The single-family residences are located in the western part of the site adjacent to other single-family residences. Material consistency creates a sense of holistic design, while details are varied to give each building a subtle individual identity. The Arts and Crafts aesthetic resonates with the nearby historic Market Square and downtown area.

Awards: 2019 Metropolitan Chicago Masonry Council Excellence in Masonry Award

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