George Street Residence

Type: Single Family Residential, Adaptive Reuse
Location: Chicago, IL
Year: 2001
Size: 8,200 sf


George Street Residence

Located in a single-story poultry processing plant built between 1920 and 1930, this project involved a major adaptive reuse conversion into a primary residence/business center for two urban pioneer clients. Booth Hansen provided a strong organizational plan to reinforce the muscular beauty of the original space: a light-filled entry with a high ceiling, and open, expansive living and dining room areas take advantage of the quiet monumentality of the old factory. The existing concrete structure allowed for the unusual placement of a 40-foot lap pool on the second floor adjacent to the master suite. Rigorous repetition in detailing – the skylights, windows, and fireplace divisions – brought a human scale to the existing structure.

The completed residence demonstrates how an abandoned industrial structure, with an adventurous owner and the right design, can transform into a beautifully unique place to live and work.

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