Deming Place Condominiums

Type: Multi-Family Residential
Location: Chicago, IL
Year: 2014
Size: 38,550 sf


Deming Place Condominiums

Deming Place Condominiums is an elegant, 4-story structure that sits across the street from Lincoln Park with a view of Lake Michigan beyond.  The building’s units range in size from 1,500sf to 3,000sf and include full floor penthouse units with roof access.  The exterior is modern, but is rooted in tradition to be contextual and harmonious with the street’s variety of building styles.  

From the street, the façade connects two symmetrical, well-proportioned buildings next to one another, each interrupted by a central, private entry.  The layered façade for Deming Place Condominiums includes modulated stone surfaces of multiple textures and slick shallow spandrels framing large glass expanses. With 9.5 foot ceilings throughout, natural light fills generously sized living spaces facing the street.

With luxury as a priority, creating a building that has permanence is achieved using traditional themes in modern ways.  On the outside, the careful use of rich, time-worn materials are arranged in new and exciting ways to elevate the senses and bring the outside in.  On the inside, the unit layouts include flowing, interlocking spaces arranged to support traditional family lifestyles.

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