Asian Art Museum

Type: Cultural
Location: Mettawa, IL
Year: 2008
Size: 18,000 sf


Asian Art Museum

Over many years, an American collector assembled a brilliant collection of Asian artifacts. As the collection grew, he commissioned a private museum, the Asian Art Museum, to be dedicated to their display, proper storage, and continued scholarly research.

Using economical construction systems, the Asian Art Museum features a sequence of galleries to create an experience that resonates with the objects and provides appropriately-scaled presentations in a quiet, respectful atmosphere. Along with a range of display areas are a curatorial office, an apartment to accommodate visiting scholars and guests, and a highly-customized storage gallery.

Increasing access to the collection has significantly expanded opportunities for research and exhibition. Two traveling exhibitions and accompanying publications have been produced since the museum was built, and visiting scholars, area school children, and other groups have visited the galleries to experience the objects first-hand.

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