John Nedeau


John Nedeau joined Booth Hansen in 2022 as an Associate. John brings a novel perspective to Booth Hansen, stemming from a multi-disciplinary professional and educational background complementary to his passion for design. He is most compelled by the virtues of narrative and story-telling inherent in the spaces we build – that is, how a project’s vision can be deployed with the greatest emotional, social and cultural resonance relative to its context.

John is greatly inspired by the curated range of program typologies and stylistic expression in Booth Hansen’s distinguished body of work. To this end, John is motivated to create designs that endure beyond an immediate need or ephemeral trend; he believes it’s important that we leave room for evolution and adaptation within the built environment. Meditations on endurance consummate well-centered designs.

John earned his Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania and his Bachelor of Arts in History from Dartmouth College.


Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Arts in History, Dartmouth College


Shoreacres Golf Course Halfway House
Midwest Young Artists Conservatory
Kollel Zichrom Eliyahu

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