The Chicago Plan Commission approved the construction of 8 new three-story row homes at the corner of Clark and Chestnut Streets in Chicago’s Near North neighborhood. The 111 W. Chestnut Street development presents a unique opportunity for new single family townhomes to be constructed in a dense downtown community. The design features an Italianate style exterior with limestone cladding,  indoor parking, and a communal outdoor terrace. Private roof decks are located on upper levels. All levels are accessible by private elevators in each townhome. This Tawani Enterprises development provides an “aging-in-place” accessible design.

“Our hat goes off to you for your vision to hand down assets to future generations.”

Martin Cabrera, Jr., Chair of Plan Commission

“What Alderman wouldn’t love to have this project in his ward? … This is a trophy project.”

 Commissioner Tom Tunney, 44th Ward Alderman

Read more about this development here: Click Here

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